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Thompson, Metuchen, N. This invention relates to the manufacture of billiard balls having high resiliency and elasticity characteristics and more particularly to a method of surface hardening billiard balls made of phenol-formaldehyde resin and containing suflicient water dispersed throughout the mass of the resin to give it a cellular structure conducive to resiliency, elasticity and hardness. In the manufacture of billiard balls, of desired hardness, elasticity and resiliency, from certain hydrophilic phenol-formaldehyde resins, difficulties have been encountered in obtaining sufficient hardness in the resin to hold the filler material intact so that the abrasion encountered when the ball is in play will not cause parts of the filler to tear away and mark the billiard table cloth. The principal difficulty in obtaining the necessary hardness in this type of billiard ball is due to the fact that the resin, which contains an appreciable amount of filler and accordingly is very viscous, is difiicult to dehydrate sufficiently before solidifying to effect adequate hardening of the resin. Furthermore, if the resin were dehydrated completely or if a hydrophobic type of resin were used the billiard ball would not have the designed resiliency and elasticity. In accordance with the present invention, I have discovered that the. This layer is sufliciently hard to resist the frictional contact between the ball and the table cloth when the ball is in play and, therefore the filler will not be torn away from 40 the resin and the ball will not mark the cloth. This dehydration treatment does not materially affect the center resin mass of the ball and therefore the ball still retains the desired elasticity and resiliency.

Billiards & Snooker balls

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At the time, billiards was at the peak of its popularity. However, as the game found more and more enthusiasts, a problem arose. Strangely enough, the problem was linked to a shortage of elephants, which were already scarce at that time! For over two centuries, ivory from elephant tusks had been the only material both used and usable to fashion billiard balls, and there was no longer enough ivory to meet increasing demand, especially given that a single tusk only produces 4 to 5 balls!

The Civil War and the blockade imposed on the southern states made it impossible to import the highly sought-after material and ultimately put an end to the trade. Seeing its industry threatened, the Phella and Collender company, a manufacturer of billiard accessories, came up with the idea of launching a competition offering a reward to anyone who could come up with a substitute for this now banned material. John Wesley Hyatt, a young inventor, started his research using cellulose nitrate.

However, tragedy struck and he cut his finger. While patching himself up, he noticed that the collodion – an antiseptic of the time – which he accidentally spilled on his preparation, made the whole thing harden. Convinced of having stumbled upon the discovery of the century, he continued his research. It would take him another seven years to find the solution by adding camphor. A patent was filed on 12 July Celluloid was born and would pave the way for what would later become known as plastics.

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The Aramith Premium set offers a lifetime up to 5 times longer than other materials. Each ball is controlled along 7 criteria : density, balance, diameter tolerance, sphericity, colour, surface polish and brilliance. All numbers are engraved to very tight specifications. The top of the line Belgian Aramith balls.

Until the year the size of Billiard Balls used on a full sized billiard table was 1 From this date forwards the quantities decline rapidly, which seems to.

Billiard balls. It came from the tusks of elephants. From Company catalogue The success of these plastics based on nitrocellulose and camphor, declined with the creation of ‘Bakelite’ and then of its derivatives ‘Vitalite’ and ‘Aramith’. These phenol and formaldehyde-based plastics, called ‘phenolic resins’, eventually prevailed and the use of ivory ceased around except for the ‘Artistic billiards’ game. Each of the three balls has two opposite dots bigger for one of them , a diameter of 61 mm and weight of g.

Excerpt from a French catalogue dating from which also mentions a price of 24 FF for a set of ‘Crystalate’ composition balls 57 to 65 mm in diameter. Made in of Cellulose Nitrate, Celluloid. Because of its lower density than ivory, celluloid was replaced inside the ball by a denser material.

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In the early s the ivory from Elephant tusk was the only material suitable for billiard balls. Fueled by the promised reward money John Wesley Hyatt accepted the challenge by experimenting at nights to develop an ivory substitute. They were made by dissolving shellac in alcohol and mixed with sufficient quantity of ivory dust, bone dust and other ingredients.

Aluminum Carrying Billiard Ball Case For 2″ English Pool Balls, Holds 16 Balls, Black $ Automatic Billiard Balls Washing Machine / ball clearner.

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Some additional pictures and information have been added to Norman’s original article. The additional information is shown in italics. In previous articles we have traced the development of the billiard table from the early models with wooden beds and stuffed cushions, and we have traced the development of the billiard cue, from the original mace to the present day billiard cue, and we have also referred to the introduction of leather cue tips etc,.

Now we look back at the development of the balls, which are such an important requirement for all the games played on billiard tables. Going back to the earliest writings, you will remember that a certain Irish King called Cathire More, who died in the year A.

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Create some tasteful and romantic lighting inside your house or apartment with this set of pool ball candles. Styled after the classic billiard triangle,. Create some tasteful lighting inside your man cave or bachelor pad by igniting a set of pool ball candles. Styled after the classic billiard triangle, the Get your design fix How to Clean Billiard Balls. Do you play Billiards a lot? Then your Billiard balls will be covered in chalk.

You should clean them, because if the chalk builds up, it may affect play.

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Micro32 is a computer purposely studied and developed for the managing of billiard parlours and for all cases in which one wishes to charge for the time used on a given unit. The specialized designed without the use of a personal computer offers many advantages. Printed on the receipt is an account of the game charges and possible food-and-drink charges, and the first line of that receipt may bear an advertising message. Choice of whether or not to print on the receipt the beginning and ending time of each game.

Useful for printing the complete status of the totalizers as well as of the programming.

Aska Billiards Snooker Balls Set, 22 Balls Including a Cue Ball, /16 inch in Billiard My product arrived before the scheduled date, which was very good.

Compact folding billiard rack. Patent number: Abstract: A compact folding billiard ball rack includes first and second sides coupled about a pivot portion. Each side is formed with hinge portions coupled to the pivot portion. The two sides can be pivoted or folded into a compact side by side position and into a V-shaped racking position. Magnetic latches are provided for releasably and repeatably holding the first and second sides in predetermined fixed positions.

Type: Grant. Filed: March 7, Date of Patent: April 11,

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