Current Dissolution of Ipswich City Council draft Bill fundamentally flawed

Over the last decade, US-Bolivian relations have been dominated by drug diplomacy. US support for antinarcotics programs in Bolivia has steadily increased – as have tensions over the nature of the “drug war” in Bolivia. The “militarization” of US international drug policy, which was institutionalized under the “Andean Strategy” announced in September , has strained diplomatic relations between the two countries and has generated significant controversy in Bolivia. The Bolivian state is not seriously threatened at the present time by either guerrilla insurgencies or powerful drug traffickers, although both operate in the country. The country does, however, have a legacy of military rule and drug-related corruption within the armed forces, particularly the army. Given this history, the Bolivian government of President Jaime Paz Zamora has been reluctant to involve the army in antinarcotics operations, which has been a central goal of US policy. That goal was finally achieved last March, despite opposition from across the political spectrum, when the Bolivian government announced that US Special Forces would begin training Bolivian army personnel. The negative consequences of that decision are already being felt.

Is Courtship “Fundamentally Flawed?” – A Response to Thomas Umstattd Jr.

The dilemma is clear. Currently, the focus of our career-level schools seems to be on tools, techniques, and procedures to train officers for staff work instead of educating leaders for combat situations. Since they breed technicians, not professional decisionmakers with the analytical background to continue their own education, current career-level schools are fundamentally flawed. An irrefutable core competency of any military professional is the ability to make decisions.

In the face of enemy fire, the ability to act and the courage to accept risk is fundamental to combat leadership. Officers of every specialty must be able to make effective decisions in a time-competitive environment.

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Adobe’s current mobile strategy is very similar today to what it always was: get the Flash Player on as many handsets as possible. Let’s qualify that statement, however, with some all-important details, starting with differentiating the two types of Flash support that Adobe wants to implement on devices:. In-browser Flash support plugin Standalone Flash application support.

Getting in-browser Flash support on devices is a logical and understandable goal and Adobe is right to devote as much effort as possible into making that happen. In-browser Flash support on mobile devices means that your mobile phone can render today’s web which, like it or not, contains heaps of Flash content faithfully and thus provide a similar experience to what is possible on the desktop.

The remainder of this post will deal with Adobe’s attempts to get Standalone Flash application support in mobile devices. Adobe’s initial mobile strategy, dating back to , revolved around getting a cut-down version of the Flash player called Flash Lite on as many handsets as possible. According to Adobe the number of Flash Lite devices shipped should have reached 1 billion in While that seems like a huge number, it’s rather irrelevant.

For one thing, there is more than one version of Flash Lite so that 1 billion number includes outdated players. Also, that number hides further segmentation in that it includes both devices that support only in-browser Flash content as well as those that support standalone Flash applications. Finally, and most importantly, Adobe failed at making it possible for developers to monetize Flash content and failed to provide compelling reasons for developers to create Flash content for Flash Lite.

Why did Flash Lite fail? Because it went for a lowest-common-denominator approach, trying to support as many devices as possible, instead of focussing on creating a great user experience on one device and expanding from there.

The US current account deficit: A fundamentally flawed development?

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OPINION — Discussing the lack of structured problem solving in the fight against the pandemic in Italy, the author makes the case for blanket-testing as a possible way to understand the current state. Over the past couple of months, our countries have had to make unprecedented decisions and adopt measures that, until a few weeks ago, would have been considered unthinkable. Understandably, the debate on how to react to the Covid emergency has been raging for weeks, monopolizing our attention and our daily conversations.

Like many of you, I have been thinking a lot about this myself, ever since — back in February — we in Italy realized the pandemic was going to hit us with full force. I had been reading with interest and apprehension about the response to the onslaught of infections in countries like China and Korea and, as the virus continued to spread around the world, I began to ask myself questions about the different approaches that the different governments were implementing.

As a lean thinker, my instinct is to approach the analysis of our predicament like I would any gap between actual results and expectations: using the scientific method. Relying on PDCA is the only way we can ensure our decisions are based on data — not conjecture — that we can use to grasp the root cause of our problem and eventually solve it. Because the problem at hand is the health and wellbeing of the world population, I think that facing it in a structured manner is more important than ever.

Every time I read about the measures that are being adopted across the world to fight Covid, my thinking process gets stuck almost immediately at the definition of current state. As I see it, the only real corrective action is to develop a vaccine and make it available to everyone; anything else can only buy us time and ease the pressure our healthcare systems are under. There are tons of data out there, and it gets constantly updated.

Is this the right information we need right now to face this problem? There are very few leading indicators being currently used that can effectively inform our decisions on the best way forward. For example, we talk about social distancing without a doubt, an important measure , but what about the viral load of an infected person?

dating fundamentally flawed

My brilliant son recently brought to my attention a blog post by Thomas Umstattd Jr. As I read the post, an avalanche of thoughts were pouring through my mind and as I have reflected on the post over the past few weeks I felt compelled to compose a response. Let me say at the outset that although I disagree with Mr. It is clear that there are issues that he and many of his peers face that we who support courtship need to address.

I am a homeschooling father of 3 children age 15, 13, and 10 at the time of this writing who advocates courtship in contrast with dating. I attended public school through high school graduation.

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The Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation Review the King Review has been hijacked by a combination of ideology and economic theorising leading to conclusions that would dismantle, if not destroy, the community pharmacy model. Its flawed approach would force the closure of an estimated 1, community pharmacies with massive major losses of jobs, and an irreversible corporatisation and commoditisation of medicines-related care. Such a radical prescription for community pharmacy is totally unwarranted.

The evidence before the Review overwhelmingly confirmed the success of and high levels of public support for the community pharmacy model, which is the most fiscally sustainable part of the entire health system. This Review should have been an opportunity to identify practical ways to build upon this tried and tested community pharmacy model, focusing on the potential to utilise this privately financed health infrastructure and the highly trained health professionals who work in it to deliver better and more cost-effective health outcomes for all Australians.

The Guild has been concerned with this Review since the former Minister appointed competition economist Professor Stephen King as its head, despite his public statements supporting the removal of the pharmacy Location Rules and ownership restrictions after the release of the Harper Competition Policy Review. From the outset Professor King has been provocative, creating unnecessary uncertainty and angst among community pharmacy owners and their staff.

Its commissioning of consultancies has raised serious conflict of interest concerns, including its decision to continue retaining Deloitte Access Economics after it became known that this firm had produced a major report co-authored by Professor Ian Harper advocating for the removal of the pharmacy Location Rules and ownership restrictions, which was part of the Chemist Warehouse submission to the Review. Its approach to the collection of pharmacy financial data has also been seriously flawed, with multiple Freedom of Information requests confirming the Review sought access to pharmacy tax return data.

From start to finish, the Review has missed deadlines.

A Fundamentally Flawed Strategy

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Fundamental indexers argue that capitalization weighting is an inferior investment strategy because it necessarily invests more in overvalued stocks and less in undervalued stocks. This article shows that this claim is false.

Too slow and fundamentally flawed: why test and trace is a weak and k k k k k k k k Date/Type Views full pdf abstract.

I wanted to respond in comments on their link to the article, but the comments just got way too long, so I decided to post a note with my response instead. Please don’t read this note until after you have read the blog in question; my critique won’t make any sense unless you’ve read the blog. First, a disclaimer: I claim that my marriage is the product of courtship, but I have to admit I have absolutely no experience with the kind of courtship this author describes.

It was the same in that the father’s permission was asked but only for formal courtship; I could “hang out” with boys as friends in a group setting, or e-mail or instant message them, without my father’s express permission , and the same in that there was “high relational intentionality and intensity” and the purpose was specifically marriage. There was some accountability and parental involvement, but it was in no way threatening or controlling.

Mostly my family and my husband’s trusted us to make wise decisions, like the adults we were. The courtship this author describes seems to be the product of patriarchal families and controlling parents, and based on what I’ve heard, things often don’t work out well in those situations, anyway. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not really arguing that the type of courtship he describes isn’t flawed. As I have no experience with it, I’m not actually equipped to write for or against it.

What I am arguing is that not all courtship is like that, and I don’t agree that all the things he considers flaws in courtship actually are flaws. So, with that in mind, here is my response:. This blog entry is definitely intriguing, and I thought some of his advice and observations very good, but I think he oversimplifies the entire debate when he basically says that our grandparents’ style of dating is right, but courtship is wrong.

Plamee Q&A: Is the Mobile Game Industry Fundamentally Flawed?

As the digital economy changes the way that we do business, tax laws have been challenged to adapt appropriately to this nontraditional business method. International tax rules were developed in a different technological era. To accommodate electronic commerce, existing tax rules either have to be applied to electronic-commerce transactions, or new rules have to be developed.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD has taken the lead in studying and recommending appropriate international taxation rules for electronic commerce. This Article focuses on the original central tax issue that the OECD considered—jurisdiction to tax income from electronic commerce based on the presence of a server in a country. In pre-electronic commerce days, a sale normally could not be consummated without an enterprise having some physical presence at the locale of the customer.

Plans for a village and its public consultation have been slammed as “​fundamentally flawed”.

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Across much of the industrial world a new recession is about to begin; the banking system in under threat; several governments are on the verge of default; and the world’s second most important currency, the Euro, is facing a possible break-up. Global policymakers have run out of both ideas and confidence. Once lauded as the solution to growing public sector deficits and ageing infrastructure the PFI has failed to live up to its billing.

This paper considers the Private Finance Initiative and critically examines its ongoing relevance as a policy foundation for the financing of public sector capital projects. It looks at the pan-European policy framework that led to its introduction and lays out a plan for reform of the initiative. It concludes with a series of recommendations to re-establish the Private Finance Initiative as a vital tool in the provision of infrastructure projects.

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