Is Virgin America’s New In-Flight Feature Cool or Creepy?

But it is far from the best in the business at making money. For the uninitiated, the San Francisco Chronicle offered a portrait of what makes the airline so special:. Unlike low-cost carriers that fly with single-class seats and service, Virgin America offers first class, premium economy and economy. Years ago — O. But while Virgin America may be well liked, it may not be well suited to compete. More recently, Bloomberg News reported that after large net losses in the second quarter of , the airline would be cutting back flights and asking employees to take voluntary work leave in early Speaking of competitors, they have regularly jumped into markets where Virgin America is operating, making it difficult if not impossible for Virgin America to be profitable. Mostly, Virgin America seems to have misread what travelers wanted most, and what they were willing to pay for. Along with its fellow fee-crazed cohort across the pond, Ryanair, Spirit has been an airline that travelers love to hate for years. We all are.

Fred Reid prepares to farewell Virgin America

Take a tour through the entire history of aerospace. Click on the timeline accordion below to view decades of accomplishments. Is an important milestone missing from our timeline? This award honors Octave Chanute, pioneer aeronautical investigator. Originally the Octave Chanute Award was presented for an outstanding contribution made by a pilot or test personnel to the advancement of the art, science, and technology of aeronautics.

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Virgin Australia partners with gategroup to take inflight dining to new heights handling to travellers flying across Asia, Australia, and North America. we believe to be reasonable as of the date of this publication but may.

Viasat’s technology will deliver internet speeds that are typically 8 to 10 times faster than any other in-flight WiFi system – allowing travelers to experience internet speeds similar to what they have at home, with the freedom to watch, stream video and shop directly on any connected device when in-flight. With this new technology, Virgin America will become the first commercial airline to offer an in-flight WiFi service that can operate in both Ku- and Ka-band satellite networks on the same aircraft.

Bringing Viasat’s satellite-based WiFi product to our new delivery aircraft will again allow us to make an industry-leading investment in our product. We are excited about this new technology and the possibility it opens up for WiFi coverage on our new Hawaii flights and for travelers who wish to stream video in-flight. Virgin America will begin installation of Viasat’s systems immediately – with the first Ka-band antenna equipped aircraft to take flight in the continental U.

The airline will introduce pricing for the service in We can empower airlines to engage all of their guests in an in-flight, online experience just like they’d get on the ground – including streaming high quality video,” said Don Buchman , Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Mobility Business, Viasat. By leveraging our technology, Virgin America can maximize passenger engagement and increase customer loyalty. The new Red Beta creates an even more immersive in-flight entertainment experience with higher resolution capacitive touch screens, Android-based software that will allow for faster, real-time updates, three times more content – including full seasons of favorite television shows, more interactive maps, videogames including classics like Pac Man and Asteroids – along with the first surround-sound listening experience to be offered by an airline.

Virgin America Installed a New In-Flight System to Help You Get Laid

Please refresh the page and retry. W ith in-flight Wi-Fi increasingly provided by airlines, more and more digital addicts are able to remain connected in the sky. The budget-conscious among you will also be glad to know there are some carriers, though currently only a handful, that offer the service for free.

Shortly after takeoff on an eight-hour Virgin Atlantic flight, a woman Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment system allows passengers to watch movies, TV, play games and send messages to people in other seats. Americans are dying after drinking hand sanitizer, CDC says Air Date: August 6,

However, not all airlines have the same entertainment options. According to a new report from CableTV. The report looked at the entertainment options offered by 10 major U. Last year Alaska Airlines merged with Virgin America, and it resulted in several changes for the airline carrier, including several bonuses for in-flight entertainment, which makes this U. There are more than options, including nearly movies.

Its airplanes are also equipped with tablet and smartphone holders, plus AC-power and USB-adapter stations. For long-haul flights, there are seat-back consoles with touch screens that offer several additional perks like games and music. And did we mention you can text while on board? Unlike Alaska Airlines, Southwest charges for its WiFi services , but one major advantage it has over the top-ranked in-flight entertainment option is its live television channels.

Another reason Southwest is number two—the airline does not have smartphone or tablet holders or power outlets available at every seat.

TERRIBLE! No inflight entertainment – Alaska Airlines

NYSE: AIR announced today that it has been awarded an eighteen month contract from Virgin America to provide maintenance and installation services for the airline’s growing fleet of Airbus series aircraft. Through its Aircraft Services facility in Miami, Fla. The Virgin America aircraft feature some of the most sophisticated and feature-rich IFEs in use today, providing passengers with in-flight access to satellite TV, movies, games, Internet and personal mood lighting.

First Airline to Offer Fleetwide In-Flight WiFi in Now Invests in Next idsrc=”​”>Virgin America will tap the power and economics of Viasat -1, and the dates of installation and rollout on Virgin America and the.

Spotted a hot passenger sitting in seat 25C? Virgin America has launched a new mile-high flirting service that will allow travelers to send their onboard crush a drink using the in-flight entertainment system. Or, as Sir Richard Branson puts it, help them get lucky. The new seat-to-seat feature is being launched on all flights within the US, and is the latest innovation out of the Virgin brand to encourage flirting at 35, feet.

The same Red in-flight entertainment system already offers an in-flight chat service that allows passengers to send each other text messages. The object of affection also undertakes a reconnaissance mission through the aisles to scope out their admirer. If the feeling is mutual, said parties engage in a marathon session of chatting until finally someone proposes, “Your seat or mine?

To promote the new service, Virgin America has also launched an online contest inviting travelers to share how they would use the new seat-to-seat feature along with their best pick-up line. And in , Air New Zealand likewise launched a service inviting singletons to find love in the air. The flight from Los Angeles to Auckland included a themed cabin, party snacks, speed dating and ice-breaking games.

Virgin America in-flight flirting service.

The Rare Case When a Woman Gives Birth In Flight

Welcome to flightglobal. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. For a parent who will have little time with his offspring, Fred Reid is a positive fellow. The chef executive of Virgin America, Reid will have to leave the startup carrier in February under a government agreement, having only just seen the start-up take its first step. Regulators at the Department of Transportation demanded his exit as a condition of granting Virgin its certificate to start flights in August.

Do you have trouble meeting dates? Maybe the problem is that you’re approaching potential significant others at places where they can easily.

Subscriber Account active since. Virgin Atlantic Airways is a survivor. For most of its year history, the plucky British airline has been taking the fight to larger and more established rivals. Through it all, Virgin Atlantic has survived everything from the economic recession to an underhanded smear campaign by British Airways during the early s. Even though several airlines around the world have worn Virgin Group livery, including Virgin Australia and the soon-to-disappear Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic has always been Sir Richard Branson’s baby.

After all, the billionaire sold his once prized Virgin Records in to keep the airline afloat. And to my knowledge, Branson has yet to collect on the bet. With roughly 45 planes in its fleet, Virgin Atlantic isn’t a very big airline. British Airways, for example, has more than planes, while a major US legacy carrier like Delta has nearly mainline jets in its inventory. However, the crown jewel of Branson’s aviation portfolio is certainly influential.

Why an Airline That Travelers Love Is Failing

Alaska Air Group, Inc. With an expanded West Coast presence, a larger customer base, and an enhanced platform for growth, Alaska Airlines will be positioned to provide more choices for customers, increase competition and deliver attractive returns to investors. The combination expands Alaska Airlines’ existing footprint in California , bolsters its platform for growth and strengthens the company as a competitor to the four largest U.

Combining Alaska Airlines’ well-established core markets in the Pacific Northwest and the state of Alaska with Virgin America’s strong foundation in California will make Alaska Airlines the go-to airline for the more than , daily fliers in and out of Golden State airports, including San Francisco and Los Angeles.

For Virgin America customers, service will expand in the thriving technology markets in Silicon Valley and Seattle. The combined airline will also offer more frequent connections to international airline partners departing Seattle , San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But Marni Battista, a professional dating and relationship coach in Los Angeles, says you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss someone’s in-flight.

Most carriers understand that peer-to-peer social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer a cost-effective and direct means of engaging with passengers—typically for service updates, conflict resolution and marketing. Even longstanding sceptics like Ryanair now pay their staff to interact with customers on social media. Geo-location technology then checks whether any acquaintances in their LinkedIn network happen to be at their gate, on their plane, or indeed on another Virgin America flight.

It is easy to imagine practical benefits from such tools. Instant messaging facilities are commonplace in offices, enabling colleagues to relay questions and comments without leaving their desks. But, on an aircraft, colleagues flying in different rows or, devastatingly, different cabins have few opportunities to interact. The concept can further be expanded into more ambitious territory.

When travelling by air to conferences, Gulliver has previously sat within earshot of fellow delegates whom he only later realised were attending the same event.


Virgin America Inc. The airline primarily focused on operating low-fare service between cities on the West Coast and other major metropolitan areas, with higher quality service. The airline began operations in as an independent airline using branding licensed from the United Kingdom -based Virgin Group , which also controls the brand of the Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia airlines.

At the time, Virgin USA expected flights to begin by mid After considering several key areas, the San Francisco Bay Area was chosen as the location of its flight operations center and later as its corporate headquarters. Virgin America secured U.

This allows you to stay connected during your flight to answer important emails, chat to friends on social media and to keep up to date with the world below. How​.

Virgin Australia today announced a long-term relationship with Gate Gourmet — the airline catering brand of gategroup — that will see the caterer become the sole service provider for the major Australian airline. The six-year relationship will deliver a wide range of benefits to all Virgin Australia passengers, with Gate Gourmet providing inflight dining and handling to travellers flying across Asia, Australia, and North America.

Virgin Australia operates around domestic and approximately 50 international flights per day. The partnership will see gategroup expand its Virgin Australia portfolio by 40 per cent, allowing both companies to drive operational and cost benefits while delivering continued improvements to the inflight passenger experience. We are extremely proud to work with such a celebrated Australian airline.

The partnership will create around jobs at gategroup which will be based around Australia. Libby Armstrong Virgin Australia libby. About gategroup gategroup is the global leader in airline catering, retail-on-board and hospitality products and services. We provide passengers with superior culinary and retail experiences, leveraging our innovation and advanced technology solutions.

Virgin America

We are living in the golden age of in-flight movies. If you’re old enough to recognize the sound of a dial-up modem, then you remember how movies were once reserved for only long flights. One movie, for the entire plane , shown on bulky monitors hanging down every 10 rows and censored so severely you were lucky to salvage a comprehensible plot. But today — oh, today! Thanks to on-board servers and broadband connectivity, you can stream new-release and classic movies, watch live TV, browse music channels, play video games and read ebooks — not only on the seatback screen, but on your own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

in-flight entertainment through when the WAEA in Design for Impact, early cards dating back On Virgin America, passengers can choose from an array.

Powered by Panasonic Avionics Ku-band eXConnect service it allows passengers to surf the web, send and receive emails and browse social media. Virgin Atlantic says its onboard WiFi service lets you use the internet in much the same way as you do at home. It says you can also connect to your VPN to get inflight access to your work emails and intranet. However, a chat with one of the cabin crew revealed that passengers often do use it to look at YouTube content and similar video streaming providers.

To access the onboard WiFi, you can use any of your devices, including your laptop, phone or tablet. The service is activated at a height of 10, feet approx.

Virgin America InFlight Entertainment System